Want to get started?


Newcomers are always welcome. If it is your first time coming to Zen Center, the next question might be: Have you ever sat zazen before? If not, some instruction will be helpful. There is a beginner's night on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, starting at 7:30 p.m. (Click here for our calendar of events ). Zazen instruction is also available Sunday mornings at 8:30 a.m., by appointment. (Click here for contact information to make an appointment). You could then join us for some or all of zazen at 9 a.m., followed by a dharma talk, work period, and tea.

If you have sat zazen before, there are still some things useful to know before you come. The Zen Center is located in a residential neighborhood and is located in a residential dwelling. Look for our small sign just above the mailbox beside the front door, or for our address number of 1618 Bever Avenue on the right-hand porch pillar.

When coming to Zen Center, it is a good idea to wear clothing that is loose-fitting and that won't be distracting to others. One should arrive at least ten minutes before the start of zazen. (Click here for a daily schedule of sitting times). Although the schedule might say, for example, that zazen starts at 9 a.m., in actuality many people will have begun sitting by 8:55 so it is helpful to arrive early so as not to disturb them. Also, arriving early gives one a chance to familiarize oneself with the zendo (meditation room), use the restroom, and briefly meet some of the other people. In the end, though, if the choice is between arriving a few minutes late and not coming at all, we'd rather have you come!

Lastly, if you are coming with a larger group of people (four or more) it is very helpful to contact the Zen Center ahead of time and let us know. Our zendo is small, but we have the ability to expand it into the dining room with a little notice.